Fostering schemes

We offer the following types of fostering schemes:

  1. Mainstream Fostering
  2. Specialist Teenage Fostering
  3. Parent and Child Fostering
  4. Supported Lodgings for 16+

We are also actively recruiting foster carers from the Muslim community. To find out more, please click here.

Tell us if you want to know more when you get in touch. You can email or complete the enquiry form (stating the name of the scheme) and we will be in touch. 

Mainstream Fostering

This main fostering scheme is for children from birth to 18 years. In this scheme, a weekly fee is paid to each carer to recognise the skills they have and the work they do. Foster carers receive this in addition to the allowances paid for each child placed with them. See the different types of fostering available under the main scheme here...

Specialist Teenage Fostering

For this scheme you will ideally have experience of working with teenagers and an understanding of the difficult experiences young people face in today's society. Together with an enhanced reward you will receive ongoing training to support you in meeting the complex and challenging needs of the young people in your care. Find out more...

Parent and Child Fostering

Parent and Child foster carers have a parent and child/children living with them in their home, generally for a structured 12 week period. These carers support and assess vulnerable parents and help them learn how to look after their child safely. Find out more...

Supportive Lodgings for 16+

Host carers offer young people aged 16-21 supported accommodation, helping them with their transition to adulthood. These young people cannot live with their own parents and want help to be able to live independently. So as well as offering the young person their own room and a listening ear, you will teach them what they need to know to be able to live on their own. Find out more...